On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 5:36 PM, bawolff <bawolff+wn@gmail.com> wrote:
Over the last couple days, I've been looking at making our <gallery> tag a lot more slick. Compared to other websites, our galleries look very "boxy" imo. This isn't that bad when it comes to icon/clip art type media, but for photos I feel we could really do better. So I've tried to make the galleries be more compact, with rows of images all the same height but different width, and the caption visible on hover. The only downside to this is the borders of the gallery become a little ragged, which mostly looks fine to me (Possibly could be dealt with with js. Would involve a bit of double loading the images though).

I like the overall look, couple notes:
* Think about tablet and mobile views -- galleries are even awfuller on mobile right now than on desktop. This means a) consider touchscreens and b) consider small screens.
* I'm not sold on "show title on hover". Touchscreens don't do hover...
* Ragged edges can be fixed by adjusting spacing or aspect ratio a little, like justifying text. This would look awesome. :)
* We need to fix what happens when clicking the items -- should get a nice zoomed lightbox or something. This should be shared with non-gallery media however, so can be outside this present scope.

Another related thing to consider is Category page gallery displays... having a gallery-style display for contained media is relatively easy, but how can we show subcategories nicely? What about non-visual media? Can we display them better than we do now?

-- brion