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Wikiradio is a real-time audio service transmitted via the Internet. This service offers various stations, covering all genres of music and even including recordings of Wikipedia articles on different languages, all of which are available on Wikimedia Commons. Each sound is chosen by the community to be highlighted as some of the finest work on Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Commons.

What is Wikiradio?

Rather than listening to several audio files in Wikimedia Commons, which require clicking "play" one after another on each one, the wikiradio tools works not as a radio streaming service, but instead as a synchronized (with UTC time) set of tracks so that everybody can hear at the same time, simulating a radio.

How I can add my station?[edit]

  1. Create a page in meta with your dayparting with your music list like [[Wikiradio (tool)/playlist/<my_Station>]]
    ej: for clasic music station we have Wikiradio (tool)/playlist/classic
  2. Edit the Template:Wikiradio (tool)/stations and add your station like {{RadioUrl|<my_station>|<My_station>}},
    ej, for classic music we have {{RadioUrl|classic|Classic}}
  3. Ready, now you can listen your music in wikiradio !!
Note: Alternatively, you can archive your dayparting and ask for an administrator to protect those pages.

How work Wikiradio software?

Wikiradio load javascript pages dynamically from meta pages to make the dayparting. This is thus in order that the community can choose the music to be placed in these pages. Please edit the page of the station when you want hear your music.

Some ideas for stations include the spoken Wikipedia audios, music by genre and topics like ambient audio. But we can do it better. Hourly, a signal is heard to warn about o'clock hours, like a real radio :p. Even better we could add a "You are listening wikiradio, the free radio" spoken message every half hour, and other stuff.

Each radio station load a dayparting from a wikipage in meta like "Wikiradio (tool)/playlist/<my_radio_station>" (ej: Wikiradio (tool)/playlist/classic) and it could be archived.

Finally, the main station could use music to fill the gaps of a daily radio programming based on Wikimania conferences, wiki podcasts, etc. So, what do you think? Your help is welcome, picking new tracks for any station or suggesting your ideas. Thanks. (Soure here)

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