There is also our interpretation of that same law. By taking an absolute point of view we take a position that is at odds with what the WMF stands for; informing all people. In my opinion this position trumps the need for always free material. At the moment we have material in Commons that is said to be free and it is not. People lie about this or they give assurances they should not make. I have been explicitly given pictures to use in Commons. The whole rigmarole of proving this point is such that the people who gave me the picture would not be part of it. They wanted me to deal with it and, that is what I did.

Obviously my lie is a white lie. My point is that Commons has this black and white approach and even within Commons there is grey.

2009/3/30 Daniel Kinzler <daniel@brightbyte.de>
Gerard Meijssen schrieb:
> Hoi,
> When you talk about clearing properly you are applying modern notions to
> historic situations. The notion of copyright and clearing copyrights is
> quite modern. Licensing is also quite modern. It is easy to expect the
> clearing of copyright to be done properly it is however an unreasonalbe
> expectation.

Indeed. The laws should account for that. But they don't. So let's try to make
politicians see the problem. It's the law. We can't just ignore it because it's

-- daniel

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