That's a wonderful idea! But many times our main problem is the lack of manpower in different languages to actually address different users. Don't let [[Special:ListUsers/sysop]] fool you: only a handful of those 244 sysops is actually very active. The problem runs deeper than multilingualism; it's the cultural differences between communities that really messes things up.
This said, I still think such a categorization would be very useful :).


--- On Sat, 6/12/08, Magnus Manske <> wrote:
From: Magnus Manske <>
Subject: Re: [Commons-l] Making Wikimedia Commons less frightening
To: "Wikimedia Commons Discussion List" <>
Date: Saturday, 6 December, 2008, 6:06 PM

On Sat, Dec 6, 2008 at 5:20 PM, Platonides <> wrote:
> Lars Aronsson wrote:
>> Maybe we should turn the system around, so our Swedish newcomers
>> can upload images to the Swedish Wikipedia, where they are
>> patrolled by Swedish speaking admins. Then, the patrolled images
>> can be automatically forwarded to Commons, instead of the other
>> way around. Even though this would require software development,
>> this seems a lot easier than trying to manage the admin community
>> on Commons.
> That's an interesting proposal.

How about this: Keep uploads at Commons, but automatically tag the
image description with a (hidden) category of the interface language
used on the upload page (except maybe for en)? That would allow for
* determining the language to use when contacting a user
* subgroup/filter images (e.g. all deletion requests uploaded in Swedish)

Should be easy enough to incorporate into the software. Initially, we
could fall back to JavaScript (wgUserLanguage), which we use in the
upload form anyway...


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