Hi folks,

We'd like to invite you to join our discussion of Beta Features (1), which we just deployed worldwide yesterday. 

Our office hours IRC chat starts in a half-hour, today at 18:00 UTC. (2)

If you cannot join this chat, we invite you to try out Beta Features and share your feedback on one of the pages below (3-8)

And if you find any technical bugs, please report them on Bugzilla (9). 

Beta Features is a new program that lets you test new features on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sites before they are released widely. 

We hope it can help us improve Wikipedia together and provide a better experience for all our users around the world.

Hope to speak with you soon,

Fabrice -- on behalf of the Multimedia, Visual Editor and Design teams

P.S.: If you are interested in Media Viewer, we invite you to test the new version v0.2 on MediaWiki.org:

This new version displays larger images, for a more immersive experience. It is now on MediaWiki.org only and will be released to all wikis in early December. Please share your feedback about this new version on this page:


(1) About Beta Features:

(2) Today's Office Hours IRC Chat:

(3) Discuss Beta Features:

(4) About Media Viewer v0.1:

(5) About Typography Refresh:

(6) About Nearby Pages:

(7) About Visual Editor Opt-in:

(8) About VisualEditor FormulŠ:

(9) Report a Bug: