Thank you Ruth,

On the same note do you know how profiles of politicians are being uploaded ? 

Has anyone ever worked with government sets and has gone through this problem before, if so please reach out to me.

I have reached out to the copyright team to open dialogue.


On Mon, Jun 13, 2022, 5:26 AM Ruthven <> wrote:
 The terms and conditions forbids commercial usage without prior authorisation. This is not compatible with Commons licenses. 


Il giorno dom 12 giu 2022 alle 15:19 Julien Tremblay McLellan <> ha scritto:
I am trying to look at obtaining images of non-elected officials from Canada in Wikipedia. The greatest barrier is obtaining pictures with copyrights permissions.

I found this link and I wonder if this could translate to a license on WikiCommons?

See the Ownership and usage of content provided on this site section at


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