The problem is that {{Information}} uses variables by name where as {{Location}} uses variables by number.  Mixing these two is a very bad idea.  So if we were to include the location based data into information we'd have to make it look something like this:

|Description={{en|Picture of the main Headframe at the Soudan Underground Mine State Park.}}

That's not terribly friendly to deal with.  Plus both templates have some other optional components so it could be even longer than that.

BUT the biggest problem is that the tools are already there for {{Location}} in it's current form.  By tools I mean the little Javascript bits for Google Maps, or the file plugins for Google Earth - the tools that generate the entire completed {{Location}}.


On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 09:49, Robin Schwab <> wrote:

I just wanted to ask on [1] if we could include geocoding [2] as an
optional parameter in Tempalate:Information [3]. Now I see that somebody
else has asked this question some months ago without getting a response.
What's so diffucult in including the basic image information in

The current solution looks ugly specially when [2] is above [3]. But
also vice versa it would look nicer when we had one single template.




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