In case anyone on this list isn't aware of it, we have a very large categorisation backlog on Commons. The Geograph load of UK images alone includes hundreds of thousands of uncategorised images, and as many only categorised by bot.

However there are some recently improved tools out there that people may not be aware of, so I thought I'd email the United Kingdom and Commons lists to make sure everyone knew about the changes. The UK mailing list is relevant because we have a very large part of the Common categorisation backlog, and it has come up as a problem for our Wiki loves monuments plan.

There have been two major enhancements to Catalot in the last few weeks.

It now has an autoprompt/complete feature similar to Hotcat to make it much easier to add categories, and crucially for our Geograph backlog, it is now possible to use  Cata a lot on uncategorised Geograph images such as in the categories in (Ok you have to copy rather than move as you are replacing a template with a category rather than moving from one category to another).

The other big change is that Rillke has written some code to change the way that Hotcat works, so that if you open an a Geograph image that needs its categories checked you can confirm the categories eiter with one click or by using Hotcat to ad or remove a category. Previously Hotcat would remove the Geograph uncategorised template but not the partially categorised template, so if bots  had added some categories you couldn't remove the cats need review template other than by editing. The Rillke's js code can be accessed by installing importScript('User:Rillke/checkCat.js');

Details at

I've been using it, it works well and is many times quicker than confirming categories manually. If everyone who is active on Commons installs it I think we'll see the backlog reduce quite noticeably.