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>> This Spring the WMF has initiated a year long strategy formation process ... I would like to invite all participants in this discussion, and all participants in the [[massive upload conflict]]s to participate this year, just started, and ending summer 2010, in the overall Wikimedia Foundation strategy formation process.

I'd be keen to be involved as we have a mass upload project planned for some time in the next 6-12 months. How can we do this?

>> And, as far as I know, a sysop is just a technical function, with the ability (some buttons) and not the authority to push them without 'community consent'.

Sorry, but that's very naive. Sysops are always more than a technical function - they have authority, like it or not.

>> And one last thing: Commons, like all projects, are independent of the WMF, the Board of the WMF can't impose anything on the project.

Again, not true. WMF always has the ultimate power to step in and impose a solution through "office actions". Not saying they necessarily should, but they can if they need to.