On 5/16/2011 10:55 AM, Chris McKenna wrote:
Pornography is defined as:
"The explicit depiction of sexual subject matter, especially with the sole 
intention of sexually exciting the viewer."

The subject matter of this image is not sexual. Therefore it is not 

I'm not here, as I'm sure others aren't, to argue about what pornography is or was (I have my undergrad in a liberal arts major, I've had this conversation, ugh, too many times to count).  But I will say - if breasts aren't sexual, then your sex drive must be dramatically different then a good portion of the population!

No, within the context of the culture you are viewing it in, you are 
interpreting it as "low level errotica". 
In the context I am viewing it in, I'm seeing nothing of the sort.
According to the description provided by the creator it does not appear to 
be anything of the sort.
The creator is apparently German. I believe that current German culture is 
far more permissive with regards nudity than contemporary American or 
British culture. There is certainly much less equasion of nudity with sex 
than in these two cultures.

Ah, here we are again, prudish Americans... the country that created and has exported Jersey Shore.  /cry

We are trying to demonstrate that commons is not a sexualised enviroment.

ease do so in an objective and culturally independent manner.
Okay. I don't understand how this relates to this image though.

It is a sexual environment - this is one of the comments approving the image "i like her big tits"

Take that as you will! And if that is enough for an image to be nominated as a featured image, then I guess I've been missing the goal of Commons after all.



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