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Deep sigh.

I'm all for keeping commons from being censored.  I'm all for keeping all the Wikimedia projects from being censored... but on the front page? Seriously?

It has nothing to do with censorship and mostly to do with usability.  You can go to Commons or Wikipedia AT WORK, AT SCHOOL or WITH KIDS PRESENT and avoid anything pornographic in nature by simply applying a small ounce of intelligence (IE don't search for "tit fucking").  We can keep the crazy censorship away if we, the commoners, apply some basic sense with these things.  If we can't even do that, what school or work place is going to allow the use of Commons or Wikipedia?

This is one of my other concerns. As I've stated in another message - we are an organization that is working closely with institutions such as The Children's Museum of Indianapolis - this is a collaboration that features their Wikipedian-in-Residence, Lori, working with TEENAGERS to write articles about objects in the museum. This includes the students using images donated by the museum which exist in Commons. I'd love to be the museum staffer that has to sit over Lori's and her MAP (Museum Apprentice Program)'s shoulder and say 'Oh Bobby/Julie, search for the Reuben Wells pictures on Commons" and open up the Commons page to a big breasted CARTOON DRAWING of an Asian woman, at a Children's Museum.

In the immortal world of outdated memes: "EPIC FAIL"


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