Apologies for the cross posting.

Wikimedia UK, the UK chapter, is organising an event called Britan Loves Wikipedia Britain Loves Wikipedia is a cultural event bring organised in partnership between Wikimedia UK, the Collections Trust and the MLA (Museums, Libraries, Archives Partnership) starting on January 31 which will encourage members of the public to visit certain participating museums around the UK and photograph certain exhibits and make those photos available for use on Wikipedia, and other projects, through Wikimedia Commons. There will then be various prizes given out based on the pictures people produce. For this event, we need a logo. While we are getting quotes to have a professionally produced logo made, we would much prefer one produced by a member of the community. The community has produced excellent logos in the past and we are sure it will be able to provide us with one that is just as professional looking as what we could get by paying an enormous amount for it. If you would like to have a go, the brief is as follows:

* The logo must include the words ‘Britain Loves Wikipedia’
* The logo does not necessarily need to feature the Wikipedia globe
* The logo must work in black and white and colour
* The logo must not be year-specific

Unfortunately we have very limited time so deadlines for this project are as follows:

* Expression of Interest (and, ideally, a first draft of your idea or ideas) -- 12:00 midday UTC Thursday, January 21 2010
* Final Logo -- 23:59 UTC Sunday, January 24 2010

We understand that that doesn't give you much time, and we're sorry we didn't organise this sooner. Hopefully a few people can knock something up in that time! If you want to have a go, please let us know by following the link.



Joseph Seddon
Wikimedia UK