I can imagine it being amazingly useful (particularly with autocompletion, but even without...). Alternatively, given the major role categories play for Commons compared to most mediawiki projects, is it possible to simply enable searching the category: namespace by default?

- Andrew.

On Friday, 2 November 2012, Erik Moeller wrote:
WikiVoyage has a small but clever extension to do quicker lookup of
pages in additional content namespaces if no namespace prefix is
provided. So if we used this for Commons, and configured "Category:"
as an extra lookup namespace, you could type "Low quality chemical
diagrams" and it'd pull up the category of that name immediately
without the full-text search being loaded. This appears to basically
be another solution to

The drawback is that it doesn't play nice with autocompletion and
other API consumers yet. Ideally I suspect you'd want autcompletion to
do lookup in multiple namespaces as well, and provide subtle namespace
hinting (as oposed to prefixing) in the dropdown, like so (where
CATEGORY would be in a smaller font).

[ Low                    ]
Low quality chemical diagrams    CATEGORY
Lower Saxony

Thoughts? Would this be a useful improvement for Commons in
particular, even without autocompletion? I suspect it could help
reduce some of the category/gallery pain.

Erik Möller
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