Gergo Tisza, 28/01/2015 01:37:
we had a great Google Code-in contest this year. Of the 28 multimedia-related tasks we had, 23 were closed, thanks to three very talented students, Danny (unicodesnowman), Geoffrey (Sn1per) and Mateusz (m4tx). Thanks all for participating and improving MediaWiki, it was a pleasure to work with you! I was continuously impressed by the high quality of the patches.

Thanks Tgr, you've been a fantastic mentor.


The full list of improvements/fixes:
  • Media Viewer now handles custom attributions (T67445) and the {{multiple image}} template (T85354), displays copy-pastable file names (T76680), uses the alt text if available (T66519, T75923), and some small UX/DX/metrics issues have been fixed (T71233T77272T68329T76923T75962). Progress was made towards warnings for trademarks (T77717) and a guided tour (T77726), and a prototype was made to test alternative history navigation strategies (T64266).
  • CommonsMetadata returns most dates in a sane format (T66014T63701) and is more flexible about styling in descriptions (T69887).
  • JSHint is now voting for VipsScaler (T63643).
  • Images are now served with a Timing-Allow-Origin header to expose more timing information (T76020).
  • Several bugs were fixed (T74084T86389T86032).