2007/3/9, David Gerard <dgerard@gmail.com>:
Today's question: what the hell can we do to come up with something
big content producers will feel able to release under an actually free
licence? Something they can feel safe to relax control on? If we can
get one, we can get more. What can we do to get that first one?

Well, what about finding something that would be almost worthless for them, yet quite a bit of a help for us. What I'm thinking of is for example still shots from video footage. The video itself might be worthwhile, but what use is there in rights on a single frame? Perhaps one or the other broadcasting company might be swinged to grant us such a right.

Another thing could be getting a "free advertisement" as the "what's in it for me?" part. Make a medium quality (or low quality) version of an image free, but force that you are mentioned, and make this mention such that it refers to a page where you sell a high-quality version/the full series/the video it comes from.

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