2007/2/20, Gregory Maxwell <gmaxwell@gmail.com>:
We've seen some copyvios from flickr. I've not personally used
FlickrLickr, does it make it easy to see other uploads from the same
person? Thats a typical place to look for signs of trouble.

Not really, there is a link to the image description page on Flickr, but I rarely use it. In general all you see is the photograph, description and tags (not the comments). The only way I sometimes notice copyvios on FlickrLickr is that there is a series of images (the images are shown in order of posting to Flickr, so if one person posts a series to Flickr, it usually shows up close to each other in FlickrLickr) that seems 'too good to be true'. Then I might go and check, and find that it indeed is.

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