I am a freelance architect and quite a new Wikimedia Contributor. For the last months I'm working on a project, together with some other friends, that document all the forgoten, neglected buildings in the city of Tirana (Albania) through making the community contribute to the further development of it. You can learn more about the project by visiting, which is build based on open source tools and hosted on GitHub: An important element of the documentation process of these old historical buildings are also the photos taken by myself and other contributors of the project. 

We thought to use Wikimedia Commons to add all the photos of these old buildings of Tirana wich have a certain architectural and historic importance. 

I have already added some of the photos in different subcategories, which you can find here:

I have used  'Old historical buildings of Tirana' as the main category where the photos are at the moment and different subcategories for each building. Each subcategory would have different photos of that certain building where everybody can add even more photos for this subcategory. The name of the buildings are not the official ones (simply because most of them don't have official names) .This is more or less the way we thought the categorisation and subcategorisation in Wikimedia Commons, would work for the project.


At this point we would really want your opinion if this is the right way to do it, or if it's alowed according to the way you generally proceed. I have this project particularly at heart  so I would really appreciate your reply as soon as you read this email, without bothering to much of course.

Thank you in advance and kind regards!