I guess that has something to do with the name of the images. The sexual image has the name of File:Sexuality pearl necklace small.png so, would be obvious to be one of the first results if you are looking for pearl necklace.
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Subject: [Commons-l] Commons search function vs. Google
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We are wondering on Meta[1]?what criteria the Commons search function uses to establish the order of search results displayed.

To give some examples, searching for "pearl necklace" in Commons shows a woman with sperm on her neck as the first image result:


The same image is way down in a Google search (with safe search off) for pearl necklace on Commons:


Searching for "electric toothbrushes" in Commons shows a woman masturbating with a toothbrush as the second image result:


The same image turns up in Google as well (with safe search switched off), though not as one of the first results:


Searching for "cucumber" in Commons shows a woman with a cucumber up her vagina on the first page of search results:


Doing a Google search for cucumber on Commons (with safe search off) does not bring this image up among the first hundred or so results:


Why is our listing so different from the one in Google, and why are sexual images so much higher up in our listing of search results?



I don't know how Google does it, but I'd bet that our search prioritises by word order in the description. So a description that starts Pearl Necklace comes before "A white pearl necklace". If you amend the description them I suspect the search results will change.


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