Fair use is something completely different. Fair use is a restriction where you acknowledge the copyright and you are only permitted to use the content because of special circumstances. What I am talking about is trademark material where the use is permitted as long as the use of it and possible derivates are not used to represent whatever the trademark represents.

Also the suggestion that we cannot talk about this on this mailing list is a bit weird given what has been said in the last few days.

2009/6/16 Huib! <abigor@forgotten-beauty.com>

When you say you want a policy to upload non free logo's on Commons you
need to start a discussion on internal-l or a other foundation channel.

The foundation has decided that every wiki can make his own "fair use"
(Don't know the right word) policy, but also decided to doesn't give that
right to Commons. So even if the communety wants fair use logo's on
Commons it is not possible by a Foundation resolution. So the Foundation
has made it impossible for Commons to make a exeption for logo for
Pikiwiki (just a example).

So instead repeating your point about logo's you could direct it to the
right people.




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