Deep sigh.

I'm all for keeping commons from being censored.  I'm all for keeping all the Wikimedia projects from being censored... but on the front page? Seriously?

It has nothing to do with censorship and mostly to do with usability.  You can go to Commons or Wikipedia AT WORK, AT SCHOOL or WITH KIDS PRESENT and avoid anything pornographic in nature by simply applying a small ounce of intelligence (IE don't search for "tit fucking").  We can keep the crazy censorship away if we, the commoners, apply some basic sense with these things.  If we can't even do that, what school or work place is going to allow the use of Commons or Wikipedia?

Why use the free image repository of Commons if you can't avoid nudity, even if you want to? Might as well use flickr because at least they've got a check box for 18+ material.


PS. I think this is a nice picture and have nothing against it.  It's well done and a great example of work that can be done with open source tools.  I just wont be going to Common at work today....

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Surely I'm not the only one who noticed this lovely gem of a photo of the day today. In my work environment - NFWS.

Direct link to image:

I mean really? /facepalm

This is the kind of imagery I have no desire to see on the front page of Commons. I'm a very liberal person, but, this makes me not want to even allow my MOTHER to use Commons.



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