Thank you for the information. Would it be possible to use Wikidata instead of subject categories? I mean the biggest problem to get more participant is category name on Commons are in English.


2013/6/25 Daniel Kinzler <>
Over the last year, we have seen some discussion about if and how Wikidata can
be useful for Wikimedia Commons. One aspect of this is maintaining meta data as
structured data.

I think that the technology of Wikidata would be very useful for this, but that
the meta data should be maintained on Commons itself. On behalf of the Wikidata
development team, I just posted a proposal for this:

We hope you regard this as an invitation to discuss the proposal and to identify
use cases that we do not cover with it.

Please use the proposal's talk page as a central place for discussion about
Wikidata and media meta data.

Please invite others involved with the Wikidata or Commons projects or otherwise
interested in media meta data to take part in the invitation.

Thank you,
Daniel Kinzler

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