Hi Everyone,

Over the last few months, the Wikimedia Developer Advocacy team has been working to improve technical documentation for the MediaWiki Action API.

So far, we have:

As we continue to make improvements to the technical documentation, we could use your help to better guide our efforts!

Would you please take a few moments to complete the following survey and share your opinions and experiences with us?


Notes about the Mediawiki Action API Survey:

Survey Period: December 6, 2018 - January 6, 2019

Privacy Policy: This survey will be conducted via a third-party service, which may subject it to additional terms. For more information on privacy and data-handling, see the survey privacy statement https://foundation.wikimedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki_Action_API_Survey_Privacy_Statement.

Thanks for your participation!


Sarah R. Rodlund
Technical Writer, Developer Advocacy