The documentation ( says that the only release available to jsub is Trusty. It also says we shouldn't run our jobs on Kubernetes ( 

Can you clarify how we should run our jobs?


On Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 5:33 PM, Andrew Bogott <> wrote:
    Tool-forge users can ignore this email, it only concerns VPS project owners.

    Long ago, the Wikimedia Operations team made the decision to phase out use of Ubuntu servers in favor of Debian.  It's a long, slow process that is still ongoing, but in production Trusty is running on an ever-shrinking minority of our servers.

    As Trusty becomes more of an odd duck in production, it grows harder to support in Cloud Services as well.  Right now we have no planned timeline for phasing out Trusty instances (there are 238 of them!) but in anticipation of that phase-out we'd like to discourage the addition of new Trusty hosts to the cloud.

    Step one[1] is to prevent people from creating new Trusty images unless they really, really need them.  We would like to remove Trusty from the default available list of base images and make it available for new VMs only via special request on phabricator.  The questions for you are:

1) Would that change make your life a lot harder?
2) If yes, can you name a date after which it /won't/ make your life harder?

    If the loss of Trusty doesn't worry you, feel free to ignore this email.  In the event of a silent (or relatively quiet) response, I'll pull Trusty from the default image list sometime in the next few weeks.

- Andrew (+ the rest of the Cloud team)


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