The shared NFS servers that back toolforge have been running close to full for a while. We are going to free up space by taking the following steps:

- Remove all files ending with .log and .err that have not been modified since November 1st, 2021 (e.g. find -name '*.log' -not -newermt "Nov 1, 2021" -exec rm {} \;)

- Truncate all files ending with .log and .err to a total size of 1GB.  (e.g find -name '*.log'  -size +1G -exec truncate --size=1G {} \;)

We'll be running those commands on Friday of this week. If you have any log or err files of that form that need to NOT be truncated and/or deleted, rename them now!

Also, please take moment to run 'du' in your home and tool dirs and delete any other files that you can live without.

Thank you!