Hi everyone,

We hope you’re ready for this three-day event, because the event starts in 10 hours! 

The main hackathon will take place over the weekend (Friday through Sunday), with two sets of core hours for sessions, social events, and hacking. These core hours are:

We’re expecting the virtual space to be the busiest at these times. Outside of those core hours, you’re welcome to stay online to hack on projects, collaborate with others, or hang out in the virtual space.

The goal with this schedule is to allow time for breaks and to accommodate as many time zones as possible. You are not expected to attend both sets of core hours - choose whichever hours work for you! For more info, see the Schedule.

When will the event start? 

The opening ceremony will happen twice - once at 3:00 UTC, and once at 15:00 UTC on May 20. Find the links on the schedule!

How can I join the virtual space? 

We’ll be using an online game-style space for the Hackathon. The links will be published shortly before the event on the hackathon page on MediaWiki.org. There will be rooms for hacking and for sessions. Feel free to explore the virtual space and join any room - they’re open for everyone!

What happens if I need help? 

Once the platform goes live, you will be able to find a Help Desk where you can ask questions, report any incidents, or just consult useful information about the event. There are also discussion channels that you can participate in.

How can I work on a project? 

If you have an idea, you will be able to add your own projects on Phabricator. If you don’t know yet what to work on, see what projects others will be working on. You might find a project to join or get inspiration for your own idea!

If you have any other questions, please check our FAQ section or leave a comment on the talk page. 

See you soon!

Melinda, for the Hackathon Committee

Melinda Seckington
Developer Advocacy Manager
Wikimedia Foundation