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Kudos to everyone involved!

On Fri, 6 Mar 2020 at 20:54, Bryan Davis <> wrote:
On 2020-03-03, Brooke completed the automatic migration phase of the
2020 Kubernetes migration by moving the last workloads from the legacy
Kubernetes cluster to the 2020 Kubernetes cluster [0].

All Toolforge tools using `webservice --backend=kubernetes ...` and/or
manually maintained Kubernetes objects are now running on the 2020
Kubernetes cluster. The Toolforge admin team is in the process of
tearing down the legacy cluster and cleaning up various documentation
and tooling related to it [1].

This project involved a lot of hard work that most of the Toolforge
community did not see. Brooke and Arturo started planning things over
a year ago [2] to ensure that the Toolforge admin team would be able
to complete this migration with a minimum amount of disruption to
tools and their maintainers. Along the journey they researched
Kubernetes best practices and recommendations, read and re-read
numerous tutorial and how-to docs, and designed a completely new
process to automate the deployment of Kubernetes in Toolforge. They
also sought and received help from other Toolforge admins, Wikimedia
Foundation staff, and technical volunteers. This was a truly
collaborative effort.

I am very happy to say that in my opinion we have a well automated and
monitored Kubernetes cluster in Toolforge today. There are many more
features that we will continue to work on as we try to make Kubernetes
use in Toolforge easier for everyone, but we can only do that work
because we now have this solid base to build on. I look forward to
announcements of many more features in the coming months.

Thank you to our alpha and beta testers who found more edge cases and
made good suggestions for simplifying things. Thank you all for your
patience and understanding when things did not go quite as planned
during this process. And finally thank you in advance for the edits
that will be made to help pages on Wikitech and elsewhere as we all
work on bug #1 (improving documentation).


Bryan, on behalf of the Toolforge admin team and the Wikimedia Cloud
Services team
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