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On 16-11-2020 21:42, Joaquin Oltra Hernandez wrote:
Hi Maarten,

I believe this work started many years ago, and it was paused, and recently restarted because of the stability and performance problems in the last years.
You do realize the current setup was announced as new 3 years ago? See https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/phame/post/view/70/new_wiki_replica_servers_ready_for_use/ .
I'm sorry about the extra work this will cause, I hope the improved stability and performance will make it worth it for you, and that you will reconsider and migrate your code to work on the new architecture (or reach out for specific help if you need it).

No, saying sorry won't make it right and no, it won't make it worth it for me. If I want very stable access to a single wiki, I'll use the API of that wiki.

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It currently doesn't really feel to me that you're advocating for the developers, it feels more like you're the unlucky person having to sell the bad WMF management decisions to the angry developers.