WMCS will be migrating the remaining Toolforge tools running on Stretch[0] grid to Buster grid tomorrow(2nd June, 2022).

This has become necessary as the deadline for long term support(including security updates) for Stretch comes to an end this month(June 2022).

=== What Do I Have To Do ===
Unless your tool starts failing on Buster grid, you don't have to do anything.

If your tool can only work on Stretch grid, you can temporarily move it back to Stretch grid with the following commands(while you work to port it to Buster grid or kubernetes)
1. Webservice
Stop and Start the tool with -release=stretch flag
Example: webservice stop; webservice start -release=stretch

2. Jobs
Add -release=stretch to jsub command
Example: jsub -release=stretch ...

If you need further assistance, kindly reach out to us via our communication channels[1]


Seyram Komla Sapaty
Developer Advocate
Wikimedia Cloud Services