On Wed, May 30, 2018 at 1:27 AM, Bryan Davis <bd808@wikimedia.org> wrote:
Some subscribers to this list who also use MediaWiki APIs in their
tools may not know about the
mediawiki-api-announce@lists.wikimedia.org and
mediawiki-api@lists.wikimedia.org lists, so I am reposting this
announcement here. Please respond with any questions/concerns about
the API change on the mediawiki-api@lists.wikimedia.org rather than
this list.

BTW, anyone using the MediaWiki action API on an ongoing basis should subscribe to one of those lists to be informed about changes to the API. mediawiki-api-announce is a low-volume announce-only list, while mediawiki-api is a discussion/help list (like this one) that also gets all the announcements.

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