The two tools I migrated did so seamlessly.

Thanks to everyone involved!


On Mon, 4 May 2020 at 16:59, Arturo Borrero Gonzalez <> wrote:
Hi there!

This is a reminder about the ongoing migration for the new domain and URL/path
scheme for webservices running in Toolforge. On 2020-05-31 we have the soft
deadline for this migration period.

For trying the change you only need to run the webservice command with the
--canonical argument. Please review the documentation here:

Early adopting this change is interesting for many reasons, specially a more
secure environment by means of proper domain isolation. Also, the new domain
better reflects the identity of the Toolforge service :-)
Moreover, during the compatibility period, we would like to collect feedback and
bug reports from our users before the soft deadline.

As of today, we have 40 tool webservices that are running in the new domain and
using the new path scheme, find them here:

Please reach out for any comments, doubts or questions.


Arturo Borrero Gonzalez
SRE / Wikimedia Cloud Services
Wikimedia Foundation

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