Effective immediately, Toolforge's webservices (re-)started by the webservice

command will no longer produce a $HOME/access.log file by default.

This feature can easily be re-enabled if required for your tool. To do so, please

follow the instructions posted at https://w.wiki/9go

Since not everyone requires the access.log feature, we have decided that it

makes more sense to have it disabled by default. We believe that this change

will improve the overall Toolforge experience. Not only we can free up

disk spaces but also the CPU cycle taken up by the web servers to produce the

access.log files.

If you see odd behaviour when starting or restarting a webservice that looks

like it could be related to this change please let myself or one of the

Toolforge admins know by either filing a Phabricator bug report or for faster

response  joining the #wikimedia-cloud IRC channel on Freenode and sending a

"!help ...." message to the channel explaining your issue.

Hieu Pham - on behalf of the Toolforge admin team