Thanks for sharing Taavi, yes, there's some other talks happening on other channels.

For the observability, it's only an idea for now, on my head, that I want to push for next quarter if possible, so nothing has been discussed yet or decided (aside from me mentioning te subject in some meetings), we are about to do some discussions internally in the team to sync for next quarter, so that's one of the ides I'm going to bring. There's no other phab, document or anything else for it, yet.

For the buildpacks, there's a lot of tasks created under the main one (, specifically that is what we are working on, we created a couple subprojects to be able to synchronize ourselves (called iteration XX, where XX is a number).

We have been doing a lot of the synchronization on slack, and I apologize for that, I'll bring the subject to the team for discussion.

Otherwise, we have been quite stall with the project.

Thanks again for raising this, it helps to get nudged in the right direction 👍

On Thu, 6 Oct 2022, 13:39 Taavi Väänänen, <> wrote:
On 10/5/22 21:01, David Caro wrote:
> As Bryan said, this is a work in progress, we might be able to allocate some time for it in the next quarter to help
> Taavi and get the project going.

This is news to me. In general, I feel that over the last few months,
quite a lot of planning and progress reporting has moved from our
various public channels (most notably Phabricator and -cloud-admin on
IRC) to private ones. I don't particularly like this trend.


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