On Thursday, January 23 at 15:00 UTC we'll be temporarily removing multiple hypervisors from service to replace failed hardware. This process will require rebooting the following list of virtual machines as we migrate workloads to different hypervisors.

Unfortunately, we had several hardware failures happen in a short time and need to take action as soon as possible.

Full list of instances that will be rebooted during Thursday's maintenance (shown as <project>: <instance name>):

antiharassment: antiharassment-web1
automation-framework: af-puppetmaster02
bastion: bastion-restricted-eqiad1-01
cloudinfra: cloud-cumin-01
cloudinfra: mx-out01
cyberbot: cyberbot-exec-01
deployment-prep: deployment-cache-upload05
deployment-prep: deployment-elastic05
deployment-prep: deployment-hadoop-test-1
deployment-prep: deployment-kafka-main-2
deployment-prep: deployment-mx02
deployment-prep: deployment-webperf11
extdist: extdist-04
fastcci: fastcci-worker2
hashtags: hashtags-prod
huggle: huggle-wl
iiab: medbox3-iiab
language: language-eg
language: language-mleb-master
library-upgrader: upgrader-05
lta-tracker: tracker1
mobile: apps-talk-pages
mobile: apps-team-tools
monitoring: thanos-be01
monitoring: thanos-prom01
mwoffliner: mwoffliner2
mwoffliner: mwoffliner3
mwstake: mwstake
ores: ores-web-06
packaging: builder01
petscan: petscan3
petscan: petscan4
phabricator: phab-tin
pluggableauth: pluggableauth-server
quarry: quarry-web-01
quarry: quarry-worker-02
reading-web-staging: readingwebstaging
search: wdsearch2
traffic: diffscan
utrs: utrs-database2
wcdo: wcdo
wikibase-registry: wbregistry-01
wikilabels: wikilabels-backups-01
wikitextexp: parsing-qa-01
wm-bot: wm-bot

- WMCS Team