Congratulations Ester!


From: Ester Bonet
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2021 6:43 PM
Subject: [Artandfem] Add ArtAndFeminism annual campaign metrics to Wikidata


Hi Mohammed,


I just entered the data into wikidata and we are already on the map.

Ester Bonet

Wikimujeres UG



Missatge de l'adre├ža <> del dia dt., 27 de jul. 2021 a les 14:00:

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   1. Add ArtAndFeminism annual campaign metrics to Wikidata
      (Mohammed Sadat Abdulai)


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Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2021 19:45:37 +0200
From: Mohammed Sadat Abdulai <>
Subject: [Artandfem] Add ArtAndFeminism annual campaign metrics to
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Hello people,

In our preparations to wrap-up this year's annual campaign, we would like
you to add your event's statistics to Wikidata. Specifically, for each
event that you organised please add information about

   - location of the event
   - number of participants
   - point in time (i.e. when it happened)
   - official website (ideally a dashboard link should suffice)

The Wikidata item to add the statement and qualifiers to is Art+Feminism's
2021 campaign <>. (For reference,
please see the item from the previous year's campaign
<>). If added correctly, your event
will show up on this 2021 map <>, and when you click on
the coordinate location you should see the number of participants, date and
Dashboard link. For reference, please see the map from the previous year's
campaign <>).

*Why are we doing this?*
This will allow us to properly organise our annual campaigns' metrics into
structured data format so that we can query the data over time and location.

*Will event organisers do this every year?*
Yes! Event organisers should add this information to Wikidata during/after
their program has happened until the end of an annual campaign cycle.

*But how do I go about it?*
This video
Wikimedia Commons (and its talk page
demonstrates how you can add the 4 data points to Wikidata.

*How do I get help if I'm stuck?*
You can reach out to me directly, or ask publically on the Wikimedia
Commons video talk page. We will also be hosting a community hours session
in August to address any remaining challenges anyone might have. A date for
the community hours will be communicated shortly.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Mohammed Sadat Abdulai, Co-Lead

Wikipedia User:Masssly

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