In most instances what we look when deriving insights are ratios. For example: "of the people that saw the red link how many clicked it". In this scenario, with an adequate sample sizes, insights can be extracted without any issues. 

Yes, I agree that in most cases this doesn't significantly distort the data, as most data will be roughly evenly distributed between people who use ad blockers and people who don't. There are, however, some cases where it does significantly distort the data. In the case of T240697, all of the editors using EasyPrivacy show up as users without JS support, which swamps the legitimate number, making the analysis unusable. Since it sounds like changing the EventLogging URL isn't advisable, I'll look into adding us to EasyPrivacy's whitelist. Thanks for the advice!

On Tue, Sep 22, 2020 at 2:59 PM Dan Andreescu <> wrote:
>Is it reasonable to say that ad blockers should not be blocking EventLogging (since it's just an internal logging system)?
Addblockers prevent requests to beacons, them being used for internal stats or otherwise (ad serving) so yes, it is pretty reasonable. A beacon does not necessarily imply it is used for adds [1]

I was just replying the same thing as Nuria, but I'll make a quick correction here: I think Nuria means it's reasonable for them to block EventLogging, not the opposite (which is what Ryan asked)
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