Hi everybody,

the Analytics team needs to do the following maintenance operations:

1) migrate the Event-Logging master db ('log', currently on db1046) to the new host db1107 (T156844). This should happen on Wed Nov 15th (EU morning), and it should be transparent to all the Event Logging users. The only drawback that might be observed is a delay in getting the latest records on the analytics db replicas (db1108, db1047, dbstore1002).

2) Reboot thorium and all the stat boxes for Linux kernel updates. 

- Thorium hosts all the analytics websites like pivot.wikimedia.org, yarn.wikimedia.org, analytics.wikimedia.org, etc.. and will be rebooted on Wed Nov 15th (EU morning), the websites downtime should be minimal (range of minutes).
- stat boxes (stat1004, stat1005, stat1006) are usually running a lot of screen/tmux sessions with various data crunching activities, so I'll try to follow up with all the users currently running something on them to verify if I can proceed or not. I'd tentatively schedule the reboots on Thu Nov 16h (EU morning), but please follow up with me asap if this needs to be postponed.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the trouble!

Luca (on behalf of the Analytics team)