Hello everyone,

this is a 48h+ warning that stat1006 and stat1007 will be reinstalled this week
(preserving /srv and user data).

The backup of stat1006 will happen on Wednesday around 0900 UTC. Backup will
likely take in excess of eight hours, so the reinstall of the machine will
probably only happen on Thursday morning (this is much quicker, less
than an hour probably).

On Friday, again at around 0900 UTC, we will backup stat1007, and proceed in
the same way. I will send another reminder 24h before this happens.

Both machines should be 100% back in service by Monday 1200 UTC.

If you want to help with making the backups (and potential restores) quicker,
Luca and I have provided some tips here:


As always, don't hesitate to contact us with questions.