I'm inquiring about the delay for publishing the January compressed Wikistats files that are maintained by Erik Zachte. I'm guessing those processes are given a low priority compared to the content backups that need to run. More generally, I'm interested in finding new ways that I can help out. I'm an ex-Microsoftie who is now on the fraud analytics team at TD Bank. I've been involved with the Wikimedia group in Atlanta. I organize the picnic each summer, and helped get the rest of the historic buildings photographed. I've dabbled in reverting vandalism, and I contribute to articles when I actually have something to contribute. I don't feel like I've settled into a contributor role that really fits me yet though.

I enjoy using a variety of the traffic data sets that Wikimedia publishes. It seems the traffic servers get bogged down sometimes though. Can I help? Should I try to get the Atlanta group to pool our donations this year for an extra computer?