The short answer is that we ultimately want to get a better sense of the value of a Wikipedia pageview (one way to measure the impact of content creation), and one way to do this is to understand how people are using Wikipedia. We're working on creating Wikipedia content (and encouraging others to do so) and in order to identify the best content to create, we'd like to better understand what the metrics involved mean.

Wikipedia allows relatively easy access to pageview data, and there are some surveys that provide demographic data. However, after looking around, it appeared that the kind of information our survey was designed to find was not available. The two surveys we found (that we found interesting but didn't cover the questions we were interested in) were and

Finally, there is just plain curiosity that makes us wonder how people are using Wikipedia.


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Any feedback on the survey questions would also be appreciated, on- or

You should specify what the data will be used for.


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