Hi all,

We finished our sprint on Tuesday and made plans for the next one on Thursday and I wanted to let you know the updates.

We've been in the middle of annual planning, so I'm going to provide the update on Epics next week.

We finished the two projects that we had committed to for the sprint:

We were also able to finish:

Productionize Wikimetrics
We generated the dashboards for the March metrics meeting
We wrote a utility (kraken-toolbelt) that allows read/write from/to snappy compressed hdfs files

We also worked on, but did not finish a few other issues:

Run Scheduled Reports via Wikimetrics
Unit testing Hive queries
Kafka-Tee testing/deployment

For the new sprint, we needed to pivot and migrate our existing services to the new labs cluster in the Virginia datacenter. We've tasked this out, but there are too many unknowns and possible dependencies to properly estimate, so we will work on this until it's done.