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Subject:        [E3-team] Account creation campaign support
Date:   Tue, 26 Mar 2013 12:03:53 -0700
From:   Steven Walling <>
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Hi all,

This is just a heads up about an impending change and our future plans.

*Background: *As most of you know, we are hard at working trying to
implement our tests of a new account creation interface in core.[1] For
the past several months during our tests, Extension:E3Experiments and
the new signup interface on enwiki have supported tracking of signup
campaigns via a URL parameter (ala &campaign=foo).

Though we considered it a "nice to have" addition to the account
creation A/B tests, this piece of functionality has been very useful for
understanding the difference in editing activity and overall retention
for users who sign up via various calls to action, such as Article
Feedback Tool, or an outside party like the American Sociological

*What's changing: *starting potentially as soon as this Thursday, E3
infrastructure won't be supporting the current implementation of
campaign tracking via URL parameters. This needs to come down as part of
our removal of the old code for the test version of the new signup page,
since we're in the process of committing the new UI modifications to
core. For those interested, this will happen during the regularly
scheduled E3 deployment window most likely, which happens every Thursday.

As far as I am aware, there aren't any currently-running campaigns
undergoing active analysis, but I wanted to send out an announcement in
case anyone was planning on running any campaigns in the near future.

*Future work on campaign support: *we are taking down the current
campaign tracking for the foreseeable future, but implementing it
properly and permanently is on our roadmap. Responding to the bugs and
feedback we get on the key functionality of account creation and login
is our first priority, but after that campaign support is something we
want to support.

Please let me know if you have any questions about what precisely we
plan to support, and please forward this email on to anyone relevant.



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