As was previously announced on the xmldatadumps-l list, the sql/xml dumps generated twice a month will be written to an internal server, starting with the November run.  This is in part to reduce load on the web/rsync/nfs server which has been doing this work also until now.  We want separation of roles for some other reasons too.

Because I want to get this right, and there are a lot of moving parts, and I don't want to rsync all the prefetch data over to these boxes again next month after cancelling the move:

If needed, the November full run will be delayed for a few days.
If the November full run takes too long, the partial run, usually starting on the 20th of the month, will not take place.

Additionally, as described in an earlier email on the xmldatadumps-l list:

files will show up on the web server/rsync server with a substantial delay.  Initially this may be a day or more.  This includes index.html and other status files.

You can keep track of developments here:

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