The old report card at also included historical unique visitors data from comScore (at ; the global number was one of WMF's core metrics for many years, being highlighted e.g. in our monthly reports, and IIRC that report card dashboard also included regional numbers). 

Have we preserved this data somewhere?

On Fri, Apr 7, 2017 at 11:30 AM, Nuria Ruiz <> wrote:

The Analytics team would like to announce that we have migrated the reportcard to a new domain:

The migrated reportcard includes both legacy and current pageview data, daily unique devices and new editors data. Pageview and devices data is updated daily but editor data is still updated ad-hoc. 

The team is working at this time on revamping the way we compute edit data and we hope to be able to provide monthly updates for the main edit metrics this quarter. Some of those will be visible in the reportcard but the new wikistats will have more detailed reports.

You can follow the new wikistats project here:



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