Hi all,

I'm attempting to do some research into how different cultures consume information. I'm focusing specifically on how this varies by time of day and time of year. I had the idea of using the Wikipedia projectviews data as a proxy for overall information, since Wikipedia is usually the first or second search result for most interesting bits of information from pop culture to geopolitics to science. Unfortunately, after looking at WiViVi, it seems like my naive assumption of separating out Wikipedias by language doesn't actually resolve that cleanly into countries. Since I'm particularly interested in the effects of seasonality (e.g. different academic calendars and holidays across countries, different lunchtimes between northern and southern European countries in the same timezones), I can't make the assumption that the % of traffic to a project from each country is constant.

Is there any way I can get an hourly time series of which countries are viewing which Wikipedias? Even a (country x project) resolution summary of average views for the 24 hours of the day would beĀ helpful, if that data exists anywhere.


Dakota Killpack