Heh. I sense that a proposal that doesn't have strong backing from any
of the Big Ds is not going to progress very far. I'm holding out hope
that Dan will weigh in. ;-) In seriousness, here's why I think it's
worth doing:

Happy to :)
I agree it's a good idea - because of a potential positive feedback loop.  I think there are fairly simple technical solutions to most concerns.

1. Dario's concern that this log will lead people to believe they're being tracked, watched, check-usered, etc.

Solution: we make it opt-out with a simple flag set on a user preferences page.  Or we allow people three choices:
    * don't log my research
    * log my research but don't show my email address
    * log my research and show my email address

2. Diederik's concern that this might disclose sensitive information.  I agree, btw, that this should get sign-off from legal.

Solution: we already have a "public" flag on cohorts, but it's hidden.  We surface the flag in the UI.  If a cohort is not public, we redact its name in the log.

I don't mean to make this sound simple, but it's not hard.  I would also like to say that the Real Big Ds probably have other things in mind like the huge and growing backlog of very important other things we have to do.

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