Hi all,

We're going to start being more transparent with the community today about the work being done by the analytics development team. Today's update is a summary of our sprint planning that we did yesterday.

Short background -- the development team works in 2 week sprints which usually start on Thursday and end on Tuesday. Wednesday is a day that can be used at the team member's discretion -- normal work can be done, but it's also a space for experimentation.

Over the coming weeks, we'll share more information about our planning, showcasing and tools. 

You may be "surprised" at the relatively small amount of work we commit to at the onset of a sprint. This is for two reasons -- we are interrupted a lot and this makes it difficult for us to predict our output; and we are a new team and are still understanding our velocity. Of course if we finish our commitments early, we just grab another task off the top of the backlog and work on that.

Our projects are documented in our Mediawiki prioritization page. The following tasks and features roll are all associated with a prioritized project.

Here are the commitments for this sprint. Links are to Mingle, the agile planning tool that we use.

Fundraising Visualization Syncup
Measuring ULSFO Site Performance

Here is the top of the backlog (that is the tasks that will be worked on if/when the above are finished)

Productionize Wikimetrics
Update Wikimetrics Serialization
Calculate Mobile Browser Breakdown
Duplicate WIkipedia Zero Dashboard Creation on Hadoop
Run Scheduled Reports via Wikimetrics

Please let me know if you have any questions.