Hello everyone,

I am writing to tell you that we have presented a plan for a second phase to extend the project Wikipedia Cultural Diversity Observatory (WCDO). 
As a reminder, the WCDO aims at providing valuable strategic data in order to fight for more cultural diversity in each Wikipedia language edition. In the previous phase, we collected the Cultural Context Content (CCC) datasets for all 300 language editions and provided some top priority articles for different topics such as women-men, geolocated, among others (named Top CCC articles). 

The infrastructure for the project has been set (datasets and website). In this new phase, we plan to create many more tools and visualizations: Top CCC article lists based on community member suggestions, but most importantly, to create a tool to monitor the gaps on a monthly basis and serve it as a newsletter. This way editors will be able to see the efforts they dedicate each month to create geolocated articles or cultural context content to bridge the gaps.  

Also, we plan to research on marginalized languages in order to see which have more potential to become a new Wikipedia language edition, start creating content about their cultural context ("decolonizing the Internet"), and increase the overall cultural diversity of the project.

If you think you can join the project or provide some feedback, please write us at tools.wcdo@tools.wmflabs.org. If you consider this may be helpful, please help us, provide some feedback and endorse the project. 
You can check the project here: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Project/WCDO/Culture_Gap_Monthly_Monitoring

Thanks in advance for your time.

Marc Miquel