Hi, Nuria:

  I reviewed the closest data to what I am looking for, phabricator T128132, from  https://analytics.wikimedia.org/datasets/archive/public-datasets/analytics/caching/ 
and the webrequest datasets : https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/wiki/Analytics/Data_Lake/Traffic/Webrequest. I still have a few questions.

1. Is `hashed_host_path' (in the cache dataset) the `hostname' or ` uri_host '?  Phabricator T128132 shows the two fields. However, the available data only shows ` hashed_host_path'.

2. There are 6 fields - hashed_host_path, uri_query, content_type, response_size, time_firstbyte, and x_cache - in the caching dataset, as shown in the attachment screen snapshot.
 Does the caching dataset not include page_id?   The webrequest dataset seems to contain page_id.
3. I didn't find the sequence field in the caching dataset. I learned that  sequence replaces time stamp. Is ` sequence' the file name of downloads in the caching dataset?
4. Does `dt' (in the  webrequest dataset)  mean a timestamp with  ISO 8601 format ? Probably, the  webrequest dataset might be what I am looking for, if it can provide access traces per-second.

5. According the the descriptions in  the webrequest webpage, the  webrequest datasets should contain at least `hostname', `page_id', and `dt'. If true,  the  webrequest datasets  seem to cover most of my requirements. Is there any download link available for  the  webrequest datasets ?