Hi Maarten,


Thanks for your question and attentiveness.

India and China are also contained within Asia Pacific, that makes up for the difference.

comScore also reports on US separately which we don't show, as it's covered within region North-America.

So we are not quite consistent here.

We chose to present India and China separately for historic reasons (India being focus area, China for its ban)


Maybe we should change this as follows: have non overlapping regions in one chart and per country stats in another.

comScore reports separately on some 35 countries. That would be nice addition.


I filed tickets:





Erik Zachte




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Hi all,


I have a very non-technical related question about the report card.


I am looking at this chart:




If I want to measure the unique visitors to Wikimedia projects should I sum up al the categories in this graph or just take the 'world' information?


I'm asking this because 'world' seems to suggest a summation of the other labels. However a sum of all regions does not equal the number under 'world'.