wp:es and wp:pt are outliers in the sense that they follow a half-yearly cycle rather than a yearly cycle

That must be related to the fact that these languages are spoken in significant amounts above and below the equator, and thus have different seasonality. especially wp:es


wp:pt is mostly read from southern hemisphere Brazil 71%, Angola 4.8%

wp:es is more evenly distributed



see also:




note this is *share of pageviews* so the summer dip is concealed on wp:es, as it coincides with other languages


Erik Zachte



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I was guessing that the declining numbers on ESWP could be related to the ending of the school year, but (1) that same pattern isn't present on other wikis, and (2) the school years of a number of predominantly Spanish-speaking countries don't end in June as US school years often do.

The increasing numbers on ENWP are still happening despite the school year having ended for most schools, so this is a pleasant surprise. Any idea about what could be causing that?

Similarly, we're seeing some nice growth in the Commons main page stats.

Any ideas about what could be causing these three sets of numbers to have these patterns?